me emerald resized - CopySo, I seem to have positioned myself as the anti-techie of the elt blogosphere.  It might surprise you then, that I find myself on my way to a tech conference.

Yes, it’s the T4T in Toronto.  I’m happy to go – it’s familiar territory, and a congenial group of people, but I’m still a little leery about the thing that is a tech conference.

I just don’t learn tech well in a group.  It’s somehow a really private kind of learning, and I feel awkward figuring these things out when there are other people around.

Then, too, I’m a little concerned about who these other people will be.  I don’t want to feel lost in a swarm of competitive techies, nerding out over dongles and flavours of LINUX and such, but I also have unhappy memories of workshops at the other end of the spectrum, ones where it took most of the people half the session to turn on their computers (Hint: turn off the caps lock).

It’s also that, well, I have a really short attention span. It’s not a totally bad thing, but it means I really don’t like sitting in one place or thinking about one thing for more than a few minutes.

Hmm…I sound like a tough client.  I definitely would not want to have me in the audience if I were giving a workshop.  Teachers do indeed make the worst students.