I got mostly Cs ( a good thing in this case). I got one A ,for saying that I like to move around the classroom, and one B, for saying that I liked the way whiteboards made things look. All the others were Cs, so I guess I’m a dogme teacher.
Nice article, and who doesn’t love an online quiz (speaking as a Buzzfeed addict)? Still, I wonder whether the focus is a little …. biased. I’m happy that the quiz validates what I consider to be my strengths as a teacher, but it does present teaching as a one-right-answer kind of activity. I’d be interested in seeing a counter-argument, perhaps from someone who got more As or Bs.

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 1)   It’s your first day in a new job. You ask your manager about the syllabus and she hands you a coursebook. What do you do?

a. Smile to yourself – you’ve used this book before, so planning will be a piece of cake.

b. Go straight to the contents page at the beginning of the book, identify the language items you’ll be focusing on, and start looking for supplementary materials.

c. Sigh deeply and wonder if you made the right choice    accepting this job.


2)   How important is lesson planning?

a. Less important now you have a bit of experience. If you follow a book or have some worksheets, planning is really just a question of getting everything together and making sure you know the answers.

b. Very important. You need to know exactly what language you’re going to teach and how you’re going to teach…

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