DoS makes some interesting points here. I like how he can be at the same time so cynical (in his assessment of IELTS) and so lyrical (in his description of the creative process). It’s also good to remind ourselves of what an achievement it is to produce all this in, as he says, “an alien language.” We often lose sight of that when we complain about our students.

The Secret DOS

Imagine if you lived atop the most beautiful mountain in the world; each morning you would wake up and pull open the curtains in your idyllic little log cabin and the vistas would be breathtaking. Rabbits would hop around beautifully lush fields and the sun would shine upon a whole rainbow of delights, deep down in the valley. And the chances are that you would be utterly oblivious to all of this because this is what you see every sodding day. So it is, I think, with teaching.

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