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Wasn’t that a Wonder? Finding Faith Part 2

So I’ve been working on the Amnesty International Feminist Wikipedia Takeover, and I ended up editing the page on Faith Nolan, an experience I wrote about in Finding Faith Part 1. As I started the post, I was assailed by  a memory,  vestigial yet so powerful.  I felt compelled to write about it.  It’s a little poetic for me –perhaps because I’ve been imbibing the stream of consciousness of Mike McCormack and the epiphanic prose of Adam Gopnik.  I was going to keep it to myself, but today’s DailyPost  prompt was “wonder” and it was just to synchronistic to ignore, so…

I remember going to see Faith Nolan….

It must have been the early 90s and Em was a pre-schooler.  We’d just moved back to Toronto, and I’d just started grad school at York.

I went with some friends from school.

Em was supposed to come with us, but she was sick, so she stayed home with her dad.  Being there without her felt disorienting, surreal even,

but at the same time,

I had this sense of wonder:

that we could go to a concert

but in the afternoon

and the music was  beautiful

but you could also hear the lyrics

and they were about stories

that we cared about

and my friends and I sat and talked about the stories

And I thought

what a wonderful world this is

where I can do these things

and every once in a while, I get this feeling again

and I think:

“Thank you, Faith Nolan — it is indeed a wonderful world”