What happens when the planning from Part 1 is put into practice.

Behold the Summer Program Little Free Library!

It cleans up nice– book capacity and visibility could be better, but it serves.



There were some initial misunderstandings about the function of the cart, but they were quickly resolved

There were more substantial obstacles to my original plan.  I had wanted to wheel the cart from classroom to classroom, arriving at the exact moment when the instructor needed support for their extensive reading module.  However, rolling from classroom to classroom doesn’t work when your building looks like this

The frequent flights of stairs do make the space more interesting and human-scale, but they are not well suited to anyone trying to manoeuvre a wheeled object.

Also, this is the third week of a four-week program.  Not everyone can finish reading a book in one week, especially in one’s second language, and especially when one has to keep on going on boat cruises and things like that.  The original plan could make for undue stress on program students and perhaps some very overdue library books.

So here’s the Plan B — the Soft Launch.

The Little Library will be placed in the shared student area tomorrow with the following sign on the wall above it



We will observe and record what happens, perhaps videotape it if things get interesting.  It’s action research!  It’s street theatre!  It’ll be like the O Canada Beer Fridge Experiment!

We still have next month to figure out how to get the cart up those stairs.